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PEC Zwolle is a Dutch football club based in Zwolle, currently playing in the Eredivisie, the country’s highest level of professional club football.

PEC Zwolle Academy Trials

PEC Zwolle Youth Development System

Educating your own youth is essential in current professional football. The club, in collaboration with the Center for Sports and Education (CSE), is committed to further developing the quality of the football academy.

National Football Academy

The youth academy of PEC Zwolle has been assessed by the KNVB as a national football academy. The national football academy is the second highest attainable level, behind the international football academy.

Youth teams

The PEC Zwolle football academy has eleven youth teams: O21, O18, O17, O16, O15, O14, O13, O12, O11, O10 and O9. The home games will be played on Saturday at the Be Quick’28 site, close to the MAC3PARK stadium. Attention is also paid to talented girls.

Training groups

There are teams for talented girls who aim to play for PEC Zwolle Women in the future. These so-called training groups are for girls U14 and U16. These teams train three times a week under professional supervision and, just like the boys, follow their education at the CSE (see bottom of this page).


The football academy of PEC Zwolle works together with 30 amateur associations from the city and region. These partnerships give substance to the core proposition of PEC Zwolle, whereby football will be the connecting factor in the region and a win-win situation is created for both parties. Click here to view the collaborating amateur associations.

Center for Sports & Education

At PEC Zwolle we think football is important, but we also attach great importance to education. That is why the club works closely with the Center for Sports & Education (CSE). All youth players from PEC Zwolle who follow secondary education do this at the CSE. There are also plenty of opportunities for students who follow a study in secondary vocational education (MBO) to optimally coordinate football and education. The CSE offers tailor-made education for secondary and secondary vocational education. The CSE also offers this option for primary education. A major advantage of this collaboration is the weekly schedule. Our youth players train in the morning and are free around 3.30 pm. They then followed both training and education.

The aim of the CSE is to offer athletes with a professional perspective a complete education in the form of an optimal balance between sport, school and home. The training consists of three domains, namely the sports technical, education and sports support domain. The unique thing about the CSE is that sport is central. An added value is also that as a football player you come into contact with other talented athletes both individually and as a team. To be eligible for the CSE you have to play in the youth teams of PEC Zwolle. For more information from the CSE: .

Talent Academy

The PEC Zwolle Talent Academy is the predecessor of the PEC Zwolle Football Academy. Talented youth players from the scouting area of ​​PEC Zwolle, within a radius of approximately 50 kilometers, are invited after a number of scouting moments at their own association to participate in the football activities of the talent academy. This is in addition to the activities of the youth players at their own association.

The activities of the talent academy take place on Wednesday afternoons in the MAC³PARK stadium and are led by trainer/coaches from the youth academy. During the implementation of the activities, the emphasis is mainly on the development of technical skills and the youth players are challenged in small game games to apply the learned techniques under resistance. When teaching the skills, PEC Zwolle attaches great importance to an individual approach towards the youth players. Trainer/coaches try to stimulate youth players to develop as footballers within a ‘safe’ pedagogical learning climate.

The aim of the talent academy is to contribute to the development of talented youth players from the Zwolle region. The PEC Zwolle football academy also wants to offer the most talented youth players from the Talent Academy the opportunity to enter the PEC Zwolle football academy. The ultimate goal is to complete the entire youth academy and to enable the profession of professional football player. 

Only players scouted by the club can participate in the activities of the talent and football academy of PEC Zwolle.

PEC Zwolle Football Camps

The PEC Zwolle Football Camps are organized to allow children to experience 3 days of football fun at PEC Zwolle during school holidays. In addition to the PEC Zwolle Football Camps in the city of Zwolle, various editions are also organized in the region. After learning new feint and passing moves, the participants put the learned skills into practice during various small party forms.

To learn more about football camps, please click here.

PEC Zwolle Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there is no official publishing’s on PEC Zwolle trials. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official news section.


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PEC Zwolle History

PEC was established on June 12, 1910, and its name is an abbreviation of “PH EDN Combinatie,” which was its original name (PH EDN Combination). A combination of the organizations Prins Hendrik (1 April 1906; Prince Henry) and Ende Desespereert Nimmer resulted in the formation of the club (1904; And Never Despair). Since 23 February 1955, PEC has competed at the highest level of professional football.

The name of the club was altered in 1971 to become PEC Zwolle, and again in 1982 to become PEC Zwolle ’82. The club was reorganized almost immediately following the bankruptcy and given the name FC Zwolle as its new moniker. Following the club’s elevation to the higher division on April 14, 2012, the name was changed to that of PEC Zwolle. In spite of this competition, PEC and Zwolsche Boys decided to join in 1969 and take the name PEC for their new band. In 1971, in an effort to enhance the reputation of the city of Zwolle, this organization changed its name to PEC Zwolle. PEC Zwolle came so close to winning the KNVB Cup in 1977, but ultimately fell short to Twente after extra time.

As a result, they were denied promotion to the Eredivisie by a single point. The club made its debut in the Eredivisie after winning the Dutch first division championship in 1978 and earning promotion for the very first time in its existence. The team finished eighth in its debut season in the Eredivisie, a position that remained PEC Zwolle’s highest ever league position until the club finished sixth in the league standings in 2014–15.

During that campaign, their triumph at PSV by a score of 0–1 was their most noteworthy achievement. These accomplishments were accomplished with the help of a talented group of players that were acquired from other clubs, such as Rinus Israel. The financial backing for this endeavor came from the Slavenburg bank, which was directed by Jan Willem van der Wal, chairman of FC Zwolle. By 1982, the club had amassed a debt of six million guilders and was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy due to its financial situation.

Following a string of disappointments in the play-offs, FC Zwolle was finally able to regain access to the Eredivisie when they claimed victory in the First Division in the year 2002. The club concluded the 2002–2003 Eredivisie season in 16th position, however they were able to avoid relegation by winning their play-off match.

The next year, they got off to a terrible start to the season and had only seven points to their name by the halfway point of the competition. On the final day of the season, FC Zwolle fell from a 16th place finish (which would have placed them in the play-offs) to an 18th place finish (which would have placed them in direct relegation), despite having put together an impressive run that included victories over teams such as SC Heerenveen and AZ.

They suffered a defeat on the road against Feyenoord by a score of 7–1, while their rivals Vitesse and Volendam were successful in defeating their respective opponents Utrecht and RBC Roosendaal. Along with Sparta Rotterdam, FC Zwolle was believed to be one of the teams with the best chance of winning the First Division championship at the start of the 2004–2005 campaign. Heracles Almelo, another club from the Dutch region of Overijssel, emerged victorious in the end to claim the championship.

After the regular season, FC Zwolle ended in fourth place, which meant that they had to compete in play-off matches against Sparta and Helmond Sport, who finished second and sixth, respectively, in the First Division, as well as against De Graafschap, who finished 17th in the Eredivisie. They ended up with just one point from their six matches, which was not enough to avoid finishing in last place in their group. As a result, Sparta won the group and secured promotion, while De Graafschap was demoted.

Jan Everse, a former player for both Feyenoord and Ajax, was announced as the club’s next trainer-coach. Everse previously worked as a trainer for the club between the years 1996 and 1999. He was confronted with issues regarding the club’s finances, as well as the loss of a key striker named Santi Kolk. The club’s main roster included a significant number of players who had previously competed for the club’s youth teams, with varying degrees of success. During the 2006–2007 season, the squad finished the year in ninth position overall in the table.

During the 2010–2011 season, FC Zwolle was in first place for a significant portion of the year but ultimately lost the championship to RKC Waalwijk. Zwolle finished in second place and was not promoted to the next level. The 2011–12 campaign was more fruitful than previous years. FC Zwolle were crowned champions and promoted to the Eredivisie for the 2012–13 season as a result of their victory.

PEC Zwolle Stadium

In Zwolle, the Netherlands, you’ll find the MAC3PARK Stadion, which is a multi-use stadium. The majority of its time is spent being used for football games, including those played at home by PEC Zwolle. The stadium can accommodate up to 14,000 people at its maximum capacity. PEC Zwolle made the stadium their new home after formerly playing at Oosterenkstadion.

MAC PARK Stadion

IJsseldelta Stadion is now known as PEC Zwolle’s home stadium after the club made the announcement on July 12th, 2012. The current name, MAC3PARK Stadion, was presented to the public in November of 2015 and was ratified on July 1 of the following year.