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Go Ahead Eagles are a Dutch professional football club from the city of Deventer. They play in the Eredivisie, the top tier of Dutch football.

Go Ahead Eagles Trials

Go Ahead Eagles Youth Development System

The Go Ahead Eagles Football Training represents a Go Ahead Eagles signature in which the individual is technically skilled, tactically trained and physically strong and has a good attitude / mentality. In scouting, the Go Ahead Eagles Football Academy mainly focuses on the Stedendriehoek (Deventer – Apeldoorn – Zutphen) and the area within it.

“Becoming a champion is not our primary goal, making champions is.” Under this motto, Go Ahead Eagles has had its own football academy since 1 July 2014, which has been honored by the KNVB as a Regional Youth Training.


E-mail:  youth [email protected]
Phone: 0570-621357


The Go Ahead Eagles Football School focuses on talented pupils from the Under-11 age category. Boys who are selected for the football school continue to play football at their own amateur club. Once a week (on Wednesday afternoon) they train at Go Ahead Eagles. Those who do well have a chance to progress to Go Ahead Eagles Under-13.

The coordination of the Football School is in the hands of head of youth scouting Gerard Hullegie. Technique training is the most important pillar. The football school is a so-called structural scouting activity. The training sessions are at sports park Zuiderlaan in Twello.


Go Ahead Eagles strives to have a strong bond with clubs from regional amateur football. Sporty, commercial and social. Both Go Ahead Eagles and the amateur associations have a common interest in improving (and maintaining) youth football in the region and developing commercial and social initiatives.

The conclusion of covenants is not the means for Go Ahead Eagles to enter into closer cooperation with amateur associations; making individual seasonal agreements and offering tailor-made solutions are.

Go Ahead Eagles likes to fulfill a connecting role in the field of:

  • Development of youth players of amateur clubs by letting them play football at their own level
  • Training and guiding trainers, coaches, heads of training and technical youth coordinators in amateur football
  • Setting up commercial projects with amateur associations
  • Setting up social projects with amateur associations
  • Supporting amateur clubs, such as card promotions, knowledge exchange, playing practice matches, organizing theme evenings and providing a platform

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of entering into a collaboration with Go Ahead Eagles as an amateur association in the sporting, commercial and social field? Please see contact information by clicking here.

Go Ahead Eagles Partner ClubWebsite
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SV TURKISH STRENGTHhttp://svturksekracht.nl/
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Go Ahead Eagles Recruitment Trials

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Go Ahead Eagles History

Be Quick was the original name of the club when it was established in 1902 by the Hollander brothers. The Dutch Football Association in 1905 requested that the team’s name be altered, and it was soon after that the name was changed to Go Ahead. The Tweede Klasse was the initial competition level for Go Ahead. 1911 was the year when the club was given promotion to the Eastern Eerste Klasse. First crowned champions of the Eastern Eerste Klasse in 1916, Go Ahead then participated in a battle with the other regional champions to determine who would win the national championship.

Go Ahead emerged victorious and went on to win the national title. However, the southern winners from Willem II proved to be too powerful for the rest of the competition in the final playoffs for the national championship. However, one year later, Go Ahead won their first league title, a victory that they would go on to win in 1922, 1930, and 1933.

At the conclusion of the 2012–13 season, Go Ahead achieved promotion to the 2013–14 Eredivisie by virtue of their victory in the promotion play-offs. This achievement came after nearly two decades spent playing in the Eerste Divisie. The club finished the 2014–15 season in the top tier, where it had previously competed, and placed 13th.

As a result of the Netherlands’ top spot in the UEFA Respect for Fair Play rating, Go Ahead Eagles would be eligible to play in Europe for the 2015–16 season of the UEFA Europa League. Due to financial issues, National Fair Play winner Twente had to withdraw from the competition, which opened the door for Go Ahead Eagles to take their place. In spite of this, they were demoted after losing the promotion/relegation play-offs in May 2015 to De Graafschap by a score of 2–0 on aggregate.

This resulted in their elimination from the competition. In July of 2015, they were defeated by Hungarian side Ferencváros 2–5 on aggregate in the first Europa League qualifying round. The home leg of the competition was played in Emmen because the Adelaarshorst was undergoing renovations, and the away leg was played without spectators because the Hungarians were serving a ban from UEFA. After defeating De Graafschap 5–2 on aggregate in the promotion/relegation play-offs in May 2016, the club was successful in regaining promotion to the Eredivisie on their first try.

However, the team was once again demoted at the conclusion of the 2016–17 campaign. Go Ahead finished in second place in the Eerste Divisie in May 2021, earning them promotion to the Eredivisie after spending the previous four seasons competing in the second division.

Go Ahead Eagles Stadium

De Adelaarshorst is a multi-use stadium in Deventer, Netherlands. The Go Ahead Eagles utilize it as their home stadium, and football matches are the primary activity that take place there at the moment.

The stadium is able to hold 10,400 people and was built in 1920.